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Pick the perfect timber

Whatever your next DIY project is, picking the perfect timber is one of the most important steps.

Do you require hardwood or softwood, light or dark wood, is the project simply decorative or functional? These are all questions you will want to answer before selecting a timber.

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Fortunately, we have an extensive range of wood species, from the European Oak and Black Walnut, to the more exotic Meranti and African Iroko. You can select timber based on the look, the grain pattern or the type of project you are working on.

We have a rich and diverse collection of timber species to help with your next DIY project.

Types of timber

Getting to know the different types of timber will make choosing the right wood for your project much easier. Here are the main qualities of our range of timber:

  • African Iroko – this is a tough, durable and dense wood with a rich grain. It takes nails or screw with minimal risk of splitting. However, this timber can dull tools
  • African Sapele – this reddish-brown wood has an irregular grain and is a very durable wood. Sapele is easy to work with and is suitable for a wide range of projects
  • European Beech – this light coloured wood has a straight, regular grain and is a very versatile timber. It is traditionally the most popular wood for us in furniture
  • European Oak – another light wood with a regular grain, European Oak is very durable and highly water-resistant. This makes it a great choice for external panelling
  • Far Eastern Meranti – this light hardwood is very durable and versatile, suitable for external use when treated correctly. Eastern Meranti is easy to work with and polishes well
  • North American Maple – this is a sturdy and durable light hardwood. However, it can be difficult to work with, making it a choice more suited to experienced DIYers
  • North American Poplar – this hardwood has a light coloured grain. It is durable and easy to work with, making it a great choice for kitchen cabinets and doors
  • North American Western Red Cedar – this durable softwood has a natural reddish colour and a warming aroma. It is durable and easily worked, ideal for many DIY projects
  • North American White Ash – despite its name, North American White Ash can range from white to deep red. It is easy to handle, ideal for beginner DIYers
  • North American White Oak – this timber is available in a range of colours from yellow to brown. It responds well to steam bending, however it can split when nailing if not handled correctly.
  • Scandinavian Redwood – this sturdy and popular softwood responds well to machining and hand tools. As a result it is a used in a wide range of projects
  • American Black Walnut – this is a highly attractive timber, thanks to its distinctive dark grain. While the grain is coarse, it is easy to handle and responds well to polishing
  • American Cherry – originating from the Eastern USA, this light wood is easy to work with. You should be able to screw or nail Cherry with minimal risk of splitting
  • European Larch – this durable softwood is naturally durable, and responds well to machining. However, it can be tricky to nail or screw, due to the risk of splitting
  • Thermowood – this is thermally modified pine or spruce, which increases the timber's durability and stability. It is a popular choice for external projects and is easy to handle

The range of timber available from TimberCut4U means you will always be able to find the right wood for you.

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